We won an award this year for the work we have been doing for over 15 years in Pune. It is always reassuring and encouraging to know our work doesn't go unnoticed. 

Thank you IIMM, Pune. 

YOUniversal Design 

Photo Competition & Exhibition'23

Awards and Photo Entries 


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First Prize: Prajwal Gowda

Special Mentions:Komal Karale, Thanusha Reddy 


Namma Raste, an event by Bangalore Municipal Corporation showcased our winning entries, thanks to Ar Chetan Sodaye, our preliminary round judge. 

Photo shows the winner Prajwal Gowda with his Professor Anuja, and Chetan Sodaye

Pune Municipal Corporation invited us for Pedestrian Day celebrations to Lakshmi Road. There was much to be desired in terms of accessibility on that road and post the event, the officials once again reiterated that with water and gas departments digging up pavements and roads time and again, accessibility is difficult to achieve. Still, some untouched parts of the pavement also didn't adhere to access standards. There seems to be a long road ahead for inclusion. 

Photos show our team sensitizing passersby about Disability and Accessibility related issues. 

Awareness about Accessiblity, and Inclusion of PwD in mainstream society - status and potential.

Our Mg Trustee Anita Iyer conducted a session on how physiotherapists can expand their minds beyond therapy, understand the impact of terminology, and the need and potential for accessible clinics and adaptive clothing too.

Students of Physiotherapy - JSS college, Mysore.

Picture shows Zoom screen with participants 


Our team of Mahesh and Omkar conducted a camp for online Ayushman Bhav documentation for PwD. Our student Interns were present at the camp and learnt from the experience.

Our documentation team members are both PwD and they take pride in their work which benefits other PwD.

We continue to invest our hopes in students of architecture for a more accessible and inclusive future.

2009 - 2023. We hope they make accessible design an inalienable part of their syllabus.

…Anita Iyer, for EKansh Trust. 

Workshop for SJB institute of architecture and planning.

A day long workshop on UNIVERSAL DESIGN keeping PwD in mind was conducted by our Mg Trustee at the ZONAL NASA held in SJB College of Architecture and attended by students from the South Zone. 

ADAPTIVE CLOTHING: Our Managing Trustee Anita Iyer, whose brainchild AD-DRESS NOW is, was interviewed by NDTV.

While we do not sell Adaptive Garments, we have a free Catalog on our website. We realise that each individual with a Disability has different needs and may not be able to reach out to designers or retailers - and vice versa.

Our country has tailors on almost every street and the idea of the catalog is to empower the Person with the Disability and the Caregiver to pick and choose elements from the catalog, fabrics of their choice and tailors who will be able to make them the perfect adaptive garment within their own budget. 

Most of our designs have been tailored specifically for, and modelled by Mentors with Disabilities on our rampwalk. Please visit our page to know more. 

Sancheti institute for Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation conducted a symposium on 2nd December on Perspective towards Disability: From Dysfunction to function.

Anita Iyer, our founder and mg trustee was a speaker on the debate whether the government has done enough for accessiblity.

It was a pleasure to be part of the discourse with other medical and non medical experts.

Leading up to #childrensday our interning students from Universal Business School, Karjat,  conducted three outings in Bombay to a park with mixed groups of children of different age groups,  with and without disabilities, and had a blast playing games - some free flowing and some organised! The idea was for children to get to know each other in neutral and non judgemental settings so that they grow up to be more sensitive and confident as adolescents and adults! #play #interns #disabilities #InclusivePlay #fun #children #rights No adaptive play equipment was needed as the children in this group didn’t need them. 

Our online Documentation FREE HELPDESK continues to serve PwD.

Mahesh is helped by Omkar in this task. Both of them have Polio and Mahesh also has low vision. They continue to strive to help others with Disabilities.