Sponsor our work 

We are seeking support for four projects this year 23 - 24

Our ongoing projects are described below. 

You are welcome to write to us [info@ekansh.org] for further details.

You can take a look at our videos to know more about what we do or simply look for us over a google search. Thank you. 

1. Anganwadi Outreach - Bangalore and Pune 

This comes under Health, nutrition, disability, education - Women and Children 

We need funding support for our outreach executives. Two in each city are required for the work that we do. These executives have to be fluent in the local language and Hindi / English and capable of making a presentation using PPT. 

Budget: Salaries, printing, projector hire, stationery, tranportation, phone calls, wifi and other admin expenses. 

0 -6 years is the main developmental phase in human life. Anganwadis are play schools in urban and semi urban slums where basic education begins. We have been conducting workshops for Anganwadi Workers on disability prevention, detection and early intervention in and around Pune since 2012 and have taken our work to different parts of Maharashtra too. Bangalore ICDS department has also authorized us to conduct these sessions here. Our work has been much appreciated by the authorities and Anganwadi workers too. We also conduct mental health sessions for the Anganwadi workers to help them do better in their work and at home.

2. UDID cards and online documentation help: 

This comes under Disability support

Budget: Salaries, stationery, internet, transportation, admin expenses.

The government has no way of knowing how many people require support and allowances. 

Our small team of two executives [with disabilities] manages to help approximately 10 people with disabilities and senior citizens per day with their paperwork for UDID cards and other forms which have to be filled online for free. Our photocopying machine has helped speed up the process since there was none in the vicinity of the hospitals and applicants were inconvenienced.

Our helpdesk is run by People with Disabilities and this ensures visibility and income to them too.

3. Online Computer Training - 4 month batches - Basic and Advanced - for students from across Maharashtra

This comes under education for  youth with disabilities 

Budget: Salary for the tutor. We do not charge the students anything. 

Our teacher is a person with Visual Impairment, our ex student and now an expert. 

4. Replicating our inclusive play areas in Shivarkar Gardens and Ahilyabai Holkar Udyan in multiple parks around Pune and Bangalore

Play is a part of education, training and support. It teaches children and adults with and without disabilities how to get along and have fun. 

Budget: Play equipment, tranportation, supervision, installation costs, ensuring approach within park is also accessible.We can tweak the budget according to need and availability.

We believe that if children with and without disabilities play together, we will be saved the effort of sensitizing adults in seats of authority in Governemnts, municipalities,  corporate house and businesses tomorrow. Play is what teaches us confidence, resilience, patience, negotiation and social interaction. Our parks in Pune are a source of fun and learning. 

We can manufacture and install as many pieces of equipment as our budget will permit in each park. 

We have shared several designs and ideas with the Pune Municipal Corporation Garden Department and they are willing to give us space in their gardens for inclusive play equipment.