Our Work 

Companies associated with us over the years 

for Access Audits, Employment of PwD, Sensitization Workshops, Etc. 

Forbes Marshall, Johnson Controls [India] Pvt Ltd, Emcure Pharmaceuticals, Hightemp Furnaces Ltd,Coca Cola, Symantec, Tech Mahindra, Mahindra Vehicles, Auto Steel & Rubber, Deutsche Bank, Sungard Solutions, RSB Transmissions,  Mphasis, Praj, Eaton, BNY Mellon, HSBC, Bajaj Allianz, Cognizant, Persistent, TATA group, Cummins, ANSEC, Weikfeld, Serco, Thermax, Amdocs, Gits, Harbinger Group, SKF, WIPRO, Innoventive, Infosys, Filpak, Godrej, Cochin Shipyard, Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Airports, Etc. 

Schools, Colleges and National Student Organizations associated with EKansh Trust for workshops, contests, conferences, projects, volunteering, donations, etc

NASA, NIASA, Symbiosis [Different departments / professors and students] , Mahindra International School, MIT-ID, NIFT, MICA, Sophia's [Fashion Design], Briks Arch, BNCA [Arch], BKPS [Arch], D Y Patil [Arch], Sinhagad College, TISS, St Mira's College, Pearl Fashion Academy, SNDT - Pune & Mumbai, Indus, Mahindra World College,  Cummins, St. Mira's College for women, Christ College, ISDI, ISFT, Hamstech, Le Mark, CCS Meerut University, Indraprastha University, College of Engineering Trivandrum, College of Engineering, Pune, St. Mary's School, Flying Bird School, Vidya Valley School, Pune University, SPA Vijaywada, Vishvesharaiah School, Bangalore, AIMS - SW Bangalore, Indian Institute of  Human Settlements, Orchid School, Tanjuma e Walidin Urdu school, Etc

For Donations & Workshops in Skill Training, etc

Ayodhya School for Children with Hearing Impairment, Red Cross School for Students HI, Ruia School for Students HI,  Technical Training Inst for students with VI, Kothrud and Koregaon Park Schools for students with VI, Pune University Dept for students with VI, Suhrud Mandal School, Jagruti School for Students with VI, NGOs working for PwD before Job Fairs, etc. 

Anganwadi Workshop Outreach - Cities 

Each anganwadi is visited / contacted and workshops are conducted in detail about prevention, detection and early intervention. Pune, PCMC, Mumbai, Goa, Gadchiroli, Kolhapur, Satara, Ichalkaranji, Bengaluru [ongoing]

Besides these, we have conducted and participated in several conferences, seminars, exhibitions, litfests, etc. across India for Government and Municipal officials, corporate executives, educators, students, etc. where we have met and sensitized hundreds of people in person. 

 If we have inadvertently left out any organization, city or person here, please let us know and we will make corrections immediately. Thank you. 

Inclusive Education 

We have been part of many sessions with leading institutes like TISS, SNDE, SPU, Etc to promote inclusive / Integrated Education. Some glimpses in Pictures. 

Inclusive Play 

Pune's First Inclusive Park. Equipment donated and installed at Ahilyabai Holkar Udyan, Katraj. We thank the local corporator Mr. More for the space and support. 

We request you to take Children with Disabilities to the park so that the municipality is encouraged to set up more such spaces. 

Children with and without disabilities must first play together so that they interact and grow into more sensitive and inclusive adults. 

Prevention Detection Early Intervention

Our ANGANWADI OUTREACH PROGRAM has been running since 2012. In 2016, the GoI introduced a list of 21 disabilities which many are unfortunately unaware of.  We educate Anganwadi workers about Prevention, Detection and Early Intervention and also explain the symptoms of different disabilities to them so that they can encourage parents of children attending their Anganwadis and adults living in their slums to get medical advice and apply for the UDID certificate. This UDID card helps them access all the schemes, subsidies and facilities provided by the GoI. 

We have conducted workshops across Maharashtra, especially Pune and nearby areas, Goa and Bangalore. 

We have a team of PwD who help with online documentation also. 

We welcome volunteers for this project. 

Inclusive Employment 

We have held 3 huge job fairs in Pune for PwD with the best of Indian and Multinational companies participating. Unlike many other Job Fairs, the employers were present for two whole days and interviewed each candidate with the right qualifications. We continue to help employers and candidates by sharing resumes we receive from PwD. 

We believe that basic and higher education MUST become more accessible so that more candidates qualify directly for the jobs on offer. Every company wants efficient employees and every candidate must become efficient so there is no compromise on either side. 

Inclusive teaching materials:

We have published colouring books, story books and mini biographies. Each of these has one character / person with a Disability. These books are for all children. Our aim is to sensitize youngsters so that we have a more inclusive future.

Conversations about inclusion cannot begin only when it is time to seek admission in schools or apply for jobs. It must begin at the very beginning, and children are more open to learning than adults. 

Order our books and help us reach as many children as possible. We have conducted workshops in schools and colleges. We have been at the Pune Litbugfest and Pune litfest too.  

Our Managing Trustee at her TEDtalk puts across what our trust is all about, how society treats anyone it percieves as different and how these attitudes must change. 

We find inspirational friends among celebrities who generously offer their time to PwD. Here is the much lauded theater and cinema actor Shri Vinay Pathak interacting with young adults with different disabilities during the Covid Lockdown. 

Inclusive Design [Universal Design] 

Our Adaptive Clothing contest AD-DRESS NOW, and finale were a super hit. Watch the video to know how it has and can impact many lives. 

Inclusive Recreation:

On women's day 2022, we held an inclusive box cricket match for young women with and without disabilities. The three teams were mixed.

This was our second KIT-UP Pune inlcusive box cricket match. The first one had three corporate teams each with two team members with hearing impairment. 

The idea is to make people with and without disabilities interact in an informal space and have fun together so that integration in more formal spaces becomes easier. 

We were the FIRST in India to begin teaching the basics of ISL - Indian Sign Language to everyone in 2007. The idea was not to create certified interpreters or teachers, but to equip everyone with enough basic vocabulary to begin a conversation with a deaf individual.Anita Iyer whose brainchild this has been, has always believed that ISL must expand and grow in vocabulary so that people who are deaf can access information and education like everyone else. 

She says - "As it is today, around the world, English words are being explained with the help of the limited SL vocabulary, and not the other way around. An ISL dictionary must have SL words/signs explained in any other language. We must be able to interpret all subjects like geography, physics, law, medicine, etc to an extent where Deaf individuals are able to study and choose their own streams. Today, it is only those who have been through intense speech therapy and used hearing aids and cochlear implants who are able to progress in their academics. If we want the deaf community to progress, it is imperative that they have the vocabulary to communicate effectively. "

EKansh Trust has conducted workshops on Accessibility for the Pune Municipal Corporation, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, etc. It has also conducted a two day conference on the behest of the erstwhile Commissioner, Shri Nitin Patil,  Department for the Empowerment of PwD,  Maharashtra - for officials from across the state. 

We have conducted several workshops and competitions for students and professionals in architecture and civil engineering across the country. Many practitioners and advocates of Universal Design today have been inspired and trained by us. 

We are empaneled by the Government of India to conduct access audits of government offices and public spaces under the GoI purview. Anita Iyer Narayan is an empanelled trainer for Access Audits. She is also an independent consultant for Accessibility + Diversity & Inclusion. 

Anita Iyer Narayan represented the trust on Door Darshan and our work has been covered by the print and social media many times over. A cursory google search will lead you to newspaper and social media articles about the holistic way in which we approach inclusion. 

During the Covid lockdown we took to social media to spread awareness. Our Second Youtube channel has interviews of medical experts explaining disabilities from different Points of View. It also has PwD speaking to us about their lives and experiences. Do watch. 

Focus on Abilities. 

The Covid pandemic has set back diagnosis and early medical / surgical intervention for several children by 2 years. Our camp hopes to address orthopedic disabilities in children from needy families. 

Our belief is that Inclusive / Integrated schools are among the first places which promote better education for PwD. We have conducted several workshops in Shadow Teaching, Inclusive education, Teachers' Training, accessibility and other aspects of basic and advanced education for Children and young adults with disabilities.

We have collaborated with and been part of such workshops, seminars and conferences with SNDT DSU, TISS, Pune University,  and several other leading schools and institutes in India

During the pandemic, we took to the online mode to communicate with educators and parents of children with different disabilities. Videos are available on our YouTube channel. 

2009 - India's first contest in Barrier Free Architecture. The finale was attended by many leading people from the movement and persons with disabilities. Students from all over Pune participated. There was the first of two contests for Students of architecture and Civil engineering. Since 2009, we have visited and conducted workshops across India for thousands of  students, professors and professionals via NASA, NIASA and several colleges. 

Unless Accessibility is an integral part of the syllabus in Architecture and Civil Engineering, we will keep having inaccessible built spaces. 

You will find many more videos on our channel. Please click and watch. Thank  you.