Team EKansh 

Anita Iyer Narayan Founder, Mg Trustee, Volunteer, Sponsor 

Bhakti Karia Co-Trustee 

Staff Members March 2023 

Mahesh Mistri - Documentation Executive

Deepak Farate - Assistant Documentation Executive 

As a "Not for Profit Organization", we keep our team and administrative costs really small.

​We have unconditional support at different times from our esteemed volunteers. 

We sincerely thank 

Late Dr. Madhuri Sheth

Ms. Mona Jacob

Ms. Geetanjali Joshi 

Mr. Girish Sharangpani 

​Mr. Nilankur Mazumdar 

Ms. Ramona Parsani

Ms. Aparna Pradhan

Ms. Nandita Paul

Mr. Sumangal Bhatawdekar

Mr. M. Narayan

Mr. Santosh Wable

Mr. Sachin Sawant

​Ms. Vrushali Kaul 

Mr Dinesh Panday

And many others who have gifted us their time and effort.

IMPORTANT: Kindly do not make any donation or payment for EKansh Trust to any individual without writing to and receiving a confirmation first.

EKansh Trust was established by Anita Iyer Narayan and registered  as an NGO in 2009 with Bhakti Karia as co-trustee. It was a result of many years of  interaction with PwD and personal experiences. A double graduate in Law and Psychology/Sociology, Anita's  prime focus is an inclusive society where People with Disabilities are empowered. After many years of volunteering with NGOs around the country and working with people with different disabilities, she founded EKansh and works personally on every project from concept to conclusion. She ensures that EKansh has a holistic approach to disabilities and related issues. A staunch advocate of inclusion in Education and Employment, she ensures that EKansh collaborates with those who have a similar vision.